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Professional Roof Cleaning

Getting your roof cleaned by a professional means you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.  Here at Ficken Clean, we pay close attention to protecting your landscape, trouble shooting your down spouts, protecting other areas of your home like custom painted doors, exterior cameras, windows etc.  Plus, if the kid down the street, without insurance, falls off your roof there's gonna be some hefty out of pocket expenses coming your way. 

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Roof Restoration

We can restore your roof back to its like new luster while leaving a post treatment to help extend the protection to your roof.

Rotted Tree Fruit & Algae

Our hot water system & proprietary blend of biodegradable chemicals have proven to work on the toughest areas of algae and tree debris.

clean bird droppings, clean bird feces, roof restoration,

Bird Dropping Removal

Our biodegradable proprietary blend will help to dissolve the bird dropping from your roof.  We clear all the gutters in the area and test the downspouts & french drains.

Tree Debris

Tree debris can build up over time causing water to travel and find its way into your home.  This is considered negligence by most home owners insurance companies and they could deny your claim. Contact us today for your free estimate!

roof cleaning, roof restoration,  roof negligence
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