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DIY Solar Panel Bird Deterrent

For you Do It Yourselfers out there we are selling the same products we use for our local installations.  As an additional perk, we will buy back any unused, undamaged clips and excess hardware cloth by the foot (sections smaller than 15 feet are welcomed but not reimbursable).

solar panel bird deterrent, wire mesh

Black PVC Coated Hardware Cloth

Size: 8" x 100' .041 Diameter - Galvanized then PVC Coated for Additional Durability and Longevity (especially in Coastal Regions)


Matte Black Powder Coated Clips

Box of 100.  Simply slide through the hardware cloth, approximately one every 18 inches with extra on the corners, hook to the underside of the module frame, slide the aluminum washer until snug and trim off excess.  No drilling into your system.  No voiding any warranties. 

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Clips
Shears for Cutting Wire Mesh

Heavy Duty Shears

Use shears to cut hardware cloth to desired lengths and shape around corners and valleys.

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