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If you are looking for a trustworthy company to tackle your property maintenance needs then look no further!

We are here to get your property looking Ficken Clean!

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Solar Panel Cleaning

We use manufacturer's recommeneded methods to gently remove build up leaving your solar system spotless.  

Window Cleaning

We detail windows with the traditional window mop & squeegee method & our Pure Water Fed Pole System will also get those hard to reach areas.

Gutter Cleaning

We remove all debris, troubleshooot downspouts, clear gutter drains, repair & install clog prevention devices.

vacuum surface cleaner

Hot Pressure Washing 

Cleans more than cold pressure washing while using less chemicals & less time, saving you money.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Any debris and trash found in the area will be removed and discarded to make sure that you get a clean, well-groomed lawn.

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent

We stock materials from a whole seller that will not void your system's warranty.  

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Rust Removal

We can remove all kinds of organic & non-organic stains, brighten your concrete, remove hard water from your home's siding and the stubborn rust stains around your property. 

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Roof Cleaning

Did you know if your roof has a leak and has not been properly maintained your insurance may not cover a claim due to negligence. 

About Us

Ficken Clean is a small family owned business. We work within the same community as we live and find each customer as an invaluable source to generate leads through positive word-of-mouth referrals. We are here to serve you well!


A Customer Said...

Michael did a great job on our windows (we have a lot of them!) and panels. Professional in quoting, communication, cleaned up well and everything looks great. I plan to hire him again in the future.

-Ed Frankovic

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